Small Group Training Manual

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Some of the Common Small Group Problems addressed in this book...

  • Despite the promise of community, people feel alone in the group.
  • A few people dominate the discussion; others feel left out.
  • Someone has something to share but is hesitant, so they don't contribute.
  • Vulnerable expression of a personal concern opens the floodgates to unsolicited advice, platitudes, and other well-intentioned “help.”
  • Participants become polarized around a topic or issue, with each side trying to convince the other that they are “right.”
  • Someone hijacks the group by trying to use it for therapy.
  • The gathering does not begin at the scheduled time so people learn to drift in, and the start becomes ragged or is delayed even more.
  • Some members hang around after the meeting, unintentionally forming a subgroup that excludes other people.

    These issues and many, many more are easily clarified and handled when viewed from the perspective that:
    Everyone belongs. Everyone matters. Everyone is a contribution.

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